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Robots Will Kill You sticker

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Remember: Robots will kill you. We found a stash of them in an old desk drawer and they are available until our limited supply runs out. We have received hundreds of emails requesting them over the years and we are extremely excited to offer them once again.

The sticker costs whatever you think it is worth. Please keep in mind that postage, envelopes, driving to the post office, etc. all cost time and money. All proceeds go into printing new stickers. If we make enough money, we will print new designs. All new stickers will also be available with pay-what-you-want pricing. With any luck, the planet will be someday be covered in RWKY stickers.

Measures 5.5" x 1.42"
Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

You'll receive a legendary sticker in the mail

5.5" x 1.42"
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Robots Will Kill You sticker

0 ratings